5 Ways To Help Your Local Cat Shelter

It's pretty safe to say that almost every animal shelter needs more support.  We wanted to address two common reasons we hear often about why people don't help their shelter or adopt from a shelter.

The two main reasons we hear (after polling personal friends & family + reading countless online group discussions and forums) are:

1.  "I would love to help but I don't have any money to donate"

2. "I just can't bring myself to go to a shelter because it makes me feel so guilty seeing all those animals that need homes".

These are two valid reasons - BUT did you know there are so many more ways to support your local shelter than money and adopting!?! Yep, there sure is!  So, we are going to dive in to some other ways of helping and truly making a difference!


1. Become a fan and cheerleader on social media


One of the things a shelter is already tight on is funds, but also enough people to fill so many rolls to include media.  Often times though you will see your local shelter have a Facebook or Instagram account and if they do you can certainly help BIG in this way!  So many animals don't get adopted because the right person hasn't seen them yet - this is where you come in.  If you take a little bit of the time you already spend scrolling social platforms to check out your shelters adoptable cats, read about their personality and background and then SHARE them on your social media platforms, you are helping them find a home! 

 Here at Rad Cat Coffee Co.  we are starting to champion this adventure and are starting a thread on our IG using the hashtag #radfelinefriday where we will post adoptable cats from our local shelters. We encourage you to do the same.  Use your time to help these sweet cats get their much deserved forever homes.  And be sure to tag your location so your followers know where the cat is located!


2. Get your craft on! 

If you find yourself being a crafty person and maybe you even have more time on your hands right now with COVID-19 doing its thing.  You can put a little joy in your life by reaching out to your shelter via email to see what items they may need that you could make.  If you sew, you could possibly make cage curtains to help give some sensitive kitties a little privacy, or you could knit them some cute sweaters for adoption photos.  Heck, even using fabric leftovers to make fun kitten enrichment toys is a great craft and you can find a ton of ideas and designs on Pinterest HERE.  Remember to get creative and don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money, look around for things you don’t use anymore and could possibly recycle.


3. Grant a wish!

Remember, you don’t always have to go to the shelter.  Guilt is a real thing but they still need your help.  Most animal shelters will have a list on their website (sometimes even an amazon shopping cart linked) of supplies or items they would LOVE to have!  Common items on those lists include:

  • Towels & Blankets
  • Toys
  • Pet food
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Newspapers
  • Collars & leashes
  • Animal crates 

The less they need to purchase for these items, the more of their limited funds can be spent on the medical care and finding them forever homes.


4. Volunteer

This one seems all too obvious right!? If you aren’t looking to add another member to your family you can always reach our to your local shelter to volunteer!  They usually have several different roles and time blocks to volunteer from just an hour a day to several hours a week!  One of our favorite way to volunteer is by getting the animals outside or chilling in the cat room and playing and engaging with the cats.  This is beneficial of course to the staff but mostly to the animals so they can stay up to par on their socialization, especially for some of them who have been in shelters for a longer period of time.  Even better, make sure to take a picture with you and a couple of your favorites and be sure to share them with friends/family! 


5. Use your strengths

What is it you find yourself really talented at or just strong with!?! You can make your shelter stronger by helping even with administrative or outreach work.  You can even help your shelter who may be operating under outdated animal control ordinance or a poor budget.  Gather support from your local officials (yes, this is what they are there for) to help make needed changes.

Maybe you are a graphic designer or photographer!?! Reach out and offer your services as a donation ( and your business can write this off). Maybe you have a podcast and you could feature your local shelter to give them a platform and broaden their reach, maybe you are a copywriter and would love to write blog posts or a social media manager who could literally change the game for a shelter to have updated and relevant information going out a few days a week!!!! We all have incredible talents, start thinking of how you can convert those talents to help!



So those are our top ideas on ways you can still make such an incredible impact for your local shelters and trust us, they NEED your help!  We would love for you to join us with #radfelinefriday to highlight some awesome cats in your area who are looking for furrrever homes!

And if you're getting low on coffee or want to help support cats with every purrrchase, be sure to check out our PAWLICIOUS coffee HERE

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