A Family Business

If you've read a couple of our first blog posts or our mission page, you've probably read that we started this business as a family from the idea of our two oldest kiddos "just start a new business that can help animals".  That is exactly what we did with our stimulus check and our children + nephew are all a part of what we are growing.

As schools were shut down and education was put "online", we knew this was the perfect time for us to teach our children more than academics.  We wanted to teach them business and keep them involved in the daily happenings of building a business.

Who are we and who does what!?  Haha, glad you asked!  

We have the husband Brandon who is currently full time with the Oregon Air National Guard and has served 8 years as a knowledge operations manager.  He is great with numbers and logistics.  He does all the calculations and formulas to make sure we have all our cats in a row from ensuring labels are ordered, products are added to the site with correct variants and coding and profits are divided to operate the business and cut checks to our incredible nonprofits each month based on each flavors sales.

Momma Betty is a 10 year Army veteran, professional photographer and hobby farmer.  She is the creative spark in the business coming up with the design elements, colors, descriptions, and social media relations.  As a creative entrepreneur, Betty loves creating the look of Rad Cat Coffee Co. and putting her artistic eye to work in a new way.

Landon who is almost 12 has an obsession with YouTube (hello most pre-teens) and is learning how to create YouTube videos so we can start our own channel.  We are working on a list of videos he can make to highlight our pawlicious coffees and also cats in shelters and how we are helping to make an impact!

Ava is 9 and she, like her momma is an idea fairy!  She loves to think ahead so you could say she is very much in the future planning of Rad Cat Coffee Co. and where we see ourselves in the next five years.  Ava would like to start her own jewelry line within Rad Cat Coffee creating earrings, necklaces and bracelets for the cat and coffee lovers we all are.

Renlee is only 2 1/2 and her roll, well ... she keeps the energy up in the house, plays with our foster kittens to socialize them ( haha ) and makes sure momma takes naps too!

Lastly, our nephew Logan who just graduated high school and will be attending art school in the Fall.  Logan is an incredibly talented young man with art, music and design.  He takes Aunt Betty's ideas and creates the illustrated cats you see on our packaging.  Each cat is a real cat so he studies them on social media, their personality and their owners personality as well and creates an illustrated version of the cat to match what they are loved for.  It's pretty fun to watch!

Along with our family, we also have some incredible friends new and old who are vital to getting this off the ground and helping our vision come to life.  

But also YOU!  You are a vital piece of the success of our mission to make an incredible impact in the cat community and putting money in those small nonprofits who are doing incredible work day in and day out for our beloved fur-friends.

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  • I’m an old Womens Army Corps 100% Disabled veteran. I also own 37 cats separated into 3 different groups so they are never crowded. You are the purrrrfect company to supply me with my coffee. Hi caffeine is perfect to keep me scampering. Love your feline employees. They are absolutely meow-volous.

    Roberta Davis

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