Coffee Basics and What You Need To Know

You’ve found yourself on this website with “premium coffee” and you’re wondering what the difference is in types of coffee.  Here at Rad Cat Coffee Co. we care about serving a paw-licious cup that will keep you snuggling your kitty a few more minutes every morning.  We donate 20% of all profits to cat shelters and nonprofits chosen by our flavor ambassadors (the cool cats on each bag of coffee).  Check out the nonprofits we are supporting HERE.

So many more people are staying home and brewing their own coffee. The pandemic closed so many businesses some temporarily and others … for good.  Rad Cat Coffee is delivered straight to your door. 

We know there is a lot of misconceptions out there and there are lovely people like yourself you may be finding yourself with the time now to actually learn about what is in your morning cup of coffee and why it matters!

What is premium coffee? Premium means our coffee is planted in specific soil, at a specific altitude and microclimate for the perfect bean.  Thoroughly washed, picked at just the right time for optimal flavor, properly dried and processed in a timely manner are more factors making your coffee process important.

How bout them beans - 

The best cup-a-joe starts with the coffee beans and type of bean.  Arabica and robusta are the two main or most widely used beans, they make up about 99% of coffee that is commercially produced including ours!

The arabica beans are generally thought to making a better tasting cup of coffee.  The flavor is far softer with a sweetness.

The robusta beans produce a coffee that is full-bodied and what you hear people call a strong cup of coffee.  It also contains twice the amount of caffeine as the arabica beans and is usually used in espresso blends and will produce a rich crema (that delicious froth on the top of your coffee shop espresso).

What about the roast - 

Ahhhh the ROAST!  This is the second in factors for how your coffee tastes.  Before your coffee is roasted, it is green coffee.  The beans are actually green.  Generally we categorize coffee roasts from light to dark.

Light Roast: 

You will find the beans themselves are a lighter brown color with a light body and no oil.  This roast also tends to have a slightly grainy or toasted taste with pronounced acidity. The biggest factor for your light roasts though is they retain most of the caffeine from the coffee bean.  Yes, a light roast has the most caffeine! 

Medium Roast: 

A personal favorite and a nice medium.  Medium roasted coffee is a mild brown and still no oil on the bean.  The grainy taste from the light roast is gone and has a more balanced flavor & aroma.  Caffeine is slightly decreased in a medium roast but still solid! 

Medium-Dark Roast: 

This is a richer and darker colored roast with oil beginning to appear on the beans.  You can expect a heavier body to this cup of coffee for sure!

Dark Roast:  

Yup, a really dark bean, like chocolate with an oily sheen.  The caffeine is quite decreased and this roast will have a more bitter and smoky or event slightly burnt taste.

And the grind!?!

A common question we get is “what type of grind should I get for ….. (insert type of coffee machine)”.  It’s  really not too crazy.  The more course (bigger) the grind, the less flavor you will get and the finer (smaller) grind will equal a far more flavorful cup.  Generally speaking, a course ground coffee is used in your basic at-home coffee pot while a fine grind or espresso grind is used for making espresso.

We hope you found this article beneficial and maybe you’re on your way to being a bit of a coffee snob!  Rad Cat Coffee Co.  is so grateful for all the support we receive to help our your morning cup of coffee in to a daily impact you are making in the feline community.  Now THAT is something you can sip with joy! Come snag a bag of our pawlicious coffee and help support some rad feline initiatives!

Show me the COFFEE!

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