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The iced caramel meowacchiato is the purrrfect summertime drink! Cold, caramely, caffeinated and cat-tastic! This is great for those times you need a little boost of energy so you can keep knitting that sweater for your cat as we prepare for the upcoming winter. We have all been there! Don’t get down, get caffeinated!


You know this recipe just wouldn’t be as delicious with out some Rad Cat Coffee! I chose the Meowntain Climber medium roast coffee. It has notes of chocolate and cinnamon which pair so nicely with caramel.


You also need some kind of caramel sauce. Anyone with a spout to pour the drizzle a bit easier is best. I found this caramel bottle at Target for two dollars and some change. While at Target I was hoping to find vanilla syrup but had no luck so I used a vanilla creamer instead and mixed it with milk so it wasn’t too thick. I also used a moka pot (stovetop espresso maker). Lucky for you, you don’t have to go far to buy one. You can choose from two sizes on the Rad Cat website so you can order your coffee and equipment before your cat even wakes up from their afternoon nap!


First, add water to the bottom of your moka pot. You can add water all the way to the safety spout. I usually don’t fill it up all the way because I like bolder coffee.


Next, grind your beans if you buy them whole bean. Grind them pretty fine for espresso.


Then, put the filter over the water in the pot and add your finely ground Meowntain Climber coffee to the filter. Be careful not to pack the coffee. Just fill the filter and carefully run your hand over the top to get rid of loose grounds.

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif -1-3.jpg

Then put the top on your moka pot and put it on the stove on high. Make sure the moka pot is on the side of the burner and not directly in the middle. If it is in the middle, the handle will get crazy hot and it could burn you.

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif -1-5.jpg

I usually check the espresso every couple of minutes or so. Once the water boils it will shoot through the spout and start coming into the top of the moka pot as you can see below. Once there is enough espresso in the pot, you can take it off the hot burner. (17).gif

While you are waiting for the espresso to be finished you can prepare the rest of your drink. Full disclosure: this drink is 10x better when you have vanilla syrup instead of vanilla creamer. If you have vanilla syrup put one to two tablespoons in the bottom of your glass and then add a cup or so of your choice of milk depending on your glass. If you only have vanilla creamer (like me) put half a cup of the vanilla creamer and half a cup of your choice of milk in your glass.

Then add ice. There should be enough space at the top for espresso and caramel drizzle.

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif -1-6.jpg
Caramel Meowacchiato - gif -1-8.jpg
Caramel Meowacchiato - gif 2-1-6.jpg

Next, use a spoon, with the back facing the ceiling, to help the espresso stay on top of the ice.

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif 2-1-8.jpg

Pour the espresso over the spoon onto the top of the beverage.

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif 2-1-11.jpg

Drizzle lots of caramel on top and around the edge of the glass. The first few drinks will have a very strong coffee flavor. If you like sweeter drinks you can mix it all up and it is basically a caramel latte. Meeeeow!

Caramel Meowacchiato - gif 2-1-16.jpg

Recipe - Iced Caramel Meowacchiato

Time to prepare: 10 minutes
Serving size: One Iced Caramel Meowacchiato

-Meowntain Climber Medium Roast from Rad Cat Coffee Co.
-Milk of your choice
-Vanilla creamer of vanilla syrup (vanilla syrup has more tasty results IMO)
-Caramel drizzle

-A moka pot (espresso stovetop maker)

1. Prepare your Meowntain Climber espresso in the moka pot.
2. Prepare your glass by adding 1/2 a cup of your choice of milk and 1/2 a cup of vanilla creamer. If you have vanilla syrup, use one to two tablespoons of that with 1 cup of milk in the glass instead. Then add ice. Make sure to leave room for the espresso and caramel drizzle.
3. Once the espresso is ready, use the back of a spoon to pour it over the top of your milk. Pouring it over the back of a spoon helps to make sure it separates correctly from the milk.
4. Add copious amounts of caramel drizzle across the top and around the edge of the glass.
5. Drink it up and get ready for a sweet caffeine boost!

Stay tuned here at Rad Cat Coffee for more Cat-tastic coffee recipes and remember, Rad Cat Coffee Co. donates 20% of profits from every sale to feline initiatives!  You can feel good about the impact you're making by simply sipping your coffee! Come check out our pawlicious coffee blends that are fresh roasted to order and shipped right to your door!



Words and photos by Jenn Terrell

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