Jazz Up Your Morning Cup Of Coffee


When all this cover-19 stuff started going down, we found ourselves home ... ALOT (you know, expect for essential trips)!  We aren't going to lie - we used to roll up in those drive-thrus for our special coffees and roll on with our day.  But we have had some incredible time to play with our paw-licious coffee here at home and wanted to share four of our FAVORITE things to add to our home brew and jazz up our mornings!


#1 - Cocoa

We love ourselves some hints of cocoa and adding a little bit to your grounds before brewing or a 1/2 tsp. directly in your cup with work wonders for in the morning.  Plus, it smells incredible!  You can even play with a few different brands of cocoa (usually found in the bulk section or baking sections at your grocery store) - our personal favorite is Ghirardelli - DELISH! 



#2 - Salted Goat Milk Caramels

Ummmm, what did we just say!?! Oh, yes ... you read that right.  GOAT MILK caramels!!! But ok, you can use any SOFT artisan caramels.  If you're looking for a real treat in your cup, stay away from the mass produced caramel syrups and find yourself some artisan salted caramels.  Here on the homestead, we have 1 full sized milking goat (Gabby, our Nubian) who provides us with delicious fresh milk daily ... goat milk helps make an incredible soft caramel that doesn't stick to your teeth and is pure heaven!  Yes, it is our goal to get licensed to sell small batches of our family's favorite treat in our online store so you too can have a slice of heaven in your mouth! 



#3 - Butter & Coconut Oil

Ever heard of bulletproof coffee!?! You may have heard your Keto friends mention it or rave about the health benefits.  We discovered it when OG Eller's Cat Dad decided to drop a few lbs. using the Keto diet.  Bulletproof coffee is a legit high-performance morning beverage  (ok, true ... you can have it any time of say, who are we kidding!?!) that can curb your appetite, boost energy, and bring mental clarity!  Word.  

To make the most badass bulletproof coffee, you need high-quality, premium  ingredients: high-quality coffee beans (our premium coffee - duh), and 1 tablespoon of both grass-fed unsalted butter (our personal favorite is from Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter ) and organic coconut oil. Wham-Bam - BULLETPROOF!



#4 - Cinnamon 

For some, the taste of cinnamon is a seasonal favorite but or others ... like us, it is year around goodness and makes the house smell heavenly!  You can add a small amount of ground cinnamon in with your grounds before brewing or you can add a nice cinnamon stick directly into your fresh cup of steamy coffee to enjoy the deliciously healthy treat.

Some studies have even found that just adding a half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day to your coffee can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. RAD!!!


So those are our favorites so far but we would love to hear about what you add to your morning brew !  Be sure to tag us on IG @radcatcoffee and share!!! 

Peace Out! 

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