Making the BEST cup of Rad Cat Coffee!

How do I make the BEST cup of Rad Cat Coffee!?! We got you!

We are stoked you are here, maybe you've already purchased a bag or maybe you're just feline curious about how this all works.  Totally understandable. In general, people just brew their cup of coffee without any proper measure of the ingredients. It totally makes a difference ... the water to coffee ratio is legit IMPORTANT - (pro tip: the water you use will also change the flavor of coffee so know your water type and it you aren't digging it, try filtered water"


Here's how we do, if you are like us and don’t want to stress your mind much in this matter, use 1:17 ratio first and then adjust by taste. Too dang easy!  If the taste feels like its on the lighter side, decrease the ratio and do vice versa if it feels to freaking strong strong. Want even more easy – Use 2 Tbsp of coffee for a strong coffee cup which means, 8 Tbsp for 4 cups, 12 Tbsp for 6 Cups and 16 Tbsp for 8 cups of coffee. Also decrease the measure to 1 and 1/2 Tbsp per cup for medium strong and 1 Tbsp for mild cup of coffee.

Alrighty - this is our short and sweet advice.  Let us know your perfect ratio and how you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee! 



If you're looking for something to add to your cup of coffee to jazz it up a bit, be sure to check out post on How to Jazz Up Your Morning Cup of Coffee




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  • I brew 8 cups every morning. I put 10 scoops of coffee for my 8 cups. Decrease by 2 for each. Not sure how much my scoop is. Oops lol i use honey for my “sugar” and coconut milk creamer (when my store has it) or light cream if my other isn’t available. I use distilled water for my coffee. I always strive to make that perfect cup of coffee. The world could be falling apart , as it seems to be now , but it’s do-able with a good cup of coffee and a great cat by your side. Looking forward to my order.


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