Meet the Flavor Ambassador: Maya

If you haven't met Maya yet, go go go! 

She's the super-cute cat with the chromosome abnormality that you've probably seen around the internet. 

Maya was adopted in 2017 from The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, MA. While her humans were going through the adoption process (waiting for a home check, actually), Maya's adoption post went pretty viral. 

Then, once her humans brought her home, so many people wanted to keep following her story.

So, they created her Instagram, @meetmayacat

They posted a photo with a couple hashtags, went for a hike, and came back to find Maya had a few thousand followers already — and it only kept growing.

Maya the cat

After a few months, her humans realized they had a platform, so they wanted to use it for good. 

Maya's cat-mom has always been involved with the disability community. So it was only fitting that they start using their page to bring awareness to disabilities, and to educate about the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

And boy, have they been working hard!

They started their own nonprofit, called AllWorthy. (Because we are all worthy of being accepted and loved — get it?)

AllWorthy sells inclusion-themed products, where shoppers get to choose which disability charity gets the profits. They speak at schools, too, but Maya prefers to stay at home because she's a cat.

How rad is that?

Meet Maya Cat

They even have children's book (and more to come) that helps teach kids and grown-ups, too, that different is awesome — starting the conversation about disabilities at a young age to normalize it all and build a more accepting world. 100% of the profits from their book go to Special Olympics and Odd Cat Sanctuary, too. 


Plus, her humans really, really like coffee.

That's why Maya's the purr-fect Flavor Ambassador for us. We're so excited to work with her to help cats and humans live happier lives!



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  • Lov Maya cat and her buddy Dragon :) I would lov a Maya mug. :)

    Kathy O'Meara

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