Our 5 Favorite Cat Enrichment Activities


Most experienced cat lovers know every cat is different.  Their needs and personalities are different and what entertains them is also different from time to time.

Your kitty may have a strong prey drive, may be legit lazy, calm, outgoing, or just straight WILD!    When you add a new cat to your family it’s best to learn your cats personality, interests and well demands … because let’s face it, most cats OWN their owners! 

Cat enrichment is very important to your cats health and wellbeing.  Just think of it like you do  for yourself.  When you are bored, what is your mental state?  Irritable and just blahhh.  Now consider how you feel when you are doing something new and intriguing or something you just plain out LOVE to do!  You have an incredible feeling of self and you feel on top of the world!  

We all need a little fresh air, interacting with others and trying new things so our brain can reward us with all the good chemicals that make us feel great.

Yes, you guessed it … the same is true for our adorned kitty cats.  Consider your cats surroundings and start brainstorming how you can keep it fun and engaging.  Like our children, we have a ton of toys but we only keep 1 tub out at a time and then we swap them out every couple of weeks so they get a sense of NEW fun! Same goes for your kitties!

Keeping your cat engaged and stimulated will ensure a healthier & happier life for them.

For those who are looking for new ways to enrich their cats lives, we wanted to share our 5 favorite cat enrichment ideas that are a little less thought of but fun nonetheless!  Give them a try and let us know what your kitty thinks.

1. Ball Track Toys

Ball track toys are a really fun activity for your cat and they keep the ball inside so your kitty can’t bat it under furniture or lose it behind something.  Consider putting this toy out when you leave the house as something new for your kitty to engage with and put it away when you get home (keeping it out all the time will create less interest).

2. Bubbles

The perfect enrichment activity to do WITH your kitty.  Ideally done without small children as your cat may get overwhelm with an excited child also chasing bubbles.  But if you have a cat who doesn’t like loud noises or is generally pretty chill, they could love the ease of bubbles loading in the air around them and take interest.  Try it out!

3. Scratchers

Scratchers are a very important item for indoor cats to have.  Your cat naturally has an urge to scratch for the purposes of removing old material from their claws but also for marking territory!  If you have a cat who is being naughty and scratching furniture, be sure to get them a couple of acceptable scratching options (and either spray and attractant or sprinkle a little cat nip to attract them to this item).  Having a couple of options for your cat will decrease the likelihood of them scratching where you don’t want them to.

4. Climbing shelves or cat towers

Instinctively, your cat wants to have access to high places.  They originated from Proailurus, the first real cat and are born hunters.  No matter how we breed them down the line, your kitty will love to climb.  Be sure you give them easy options so they aren’t climbing places you don’t want them to.  You can get really fun with it too depending on your home decor.  Check out this incredible search on Pinterest for ideas.  Click HERE.

5. Window Perch

For indoor cats, a lovely spot at a nice window and provide all kinds of stimulation depending on what’s outside.  We have a perch at a widow in our home that faces our garden and our cats love to sit and watch all the happenings from squirrels, to birds to butterflies out there.  They sit and flick their tails in excitements and sometimes they give that kitty chatter when they see something they really want.  You can even buy perches that suction on to your window! 


Of course there are just so many incredible ways to entertain and stimulate your cat!  A few others include:

- outdoor cat enclosures

- catnip toys

- laser pointers

- feather wands

- ping pong balls

- bird channel on the television

If your kitty has other activities out of the norm they love, we’d love to hear from you!  And if you’re looking to give yourself a little pick-me-up, be sure to head over to our coffee selection and grab you a bag or two of our pawlicious coffee, we donate 20% of all profits to feline initiatives and shelters! Get Cat-feinated!

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