Why We Started Rad Cat Coffee Co.

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Growing up in a small coastal town turned hot spot, Pacific City Oregon is where I spent so much of my time on the side of the roads going from one end of town to the other on adventures.  We lived in a garage that my grandfather had remodeled in to a one bedroom home and my two older sisters and I lived there with our father.  Our father had an incredibly caring heart for animals and he always showed us that aspect of him.  From taking in stray animals, fixing up friends injured pets (he could stitch any wound from the knowledge he gained in Vietnam), to picking up a squirrel he hit on the road and bringing it back to life in front of my very eyes, a SQUIRREL!  

Needless to say, I grew up helping & saving pets and animals.  I think back to my childhood and though we didn't have much, I couldn't have wanted more!  Now, I have tried to instill so much of what my father taught me to my own children.  We have a small homestead in Salem, Oregon with a small amount of goats, chickens, ducks and of course dogs & cats and the older kids are a daily part of that homestead even though some days they aren't the most excited about it. 

But let's go back a minute to how this whole Rad Cat Coffee came about with the OG Cat Eller! 

6 years ago we walked in to our local humane society, Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon looking for the purrr-fect feline to join our family.  We met Eller in a kitten cage filled with sassy kittens, but he just chilled in the back staring us up and looking like Gandalf the Great … we were instantly set on him.  Getting a kitten is what we decided because we had children & dogs and wanted to make sure a kitten could grow up with all our family members and be a perfect fit - we certainly nailed it with Eller.  

He is the perfect cat for our family and of course the face of our brand … he’s chill, but enjoys a set amount of affection from his hoomans in the evenings.  He isn’t a talker but will let you know when his food dish isn’t full (enough) and he as become the king of our little homestead, taking down large rodents and always being sure to bring in his catch to get mums approval and satisfaction (as I scream walking out of the bedroom, Eller is fully satisfied in his work).

During the quarantine and subsequent homeschooling, it was actually our two oldest kids who wanted to do more and give more to help save stray cats. We have had some deep conversations with them about spaying/neutering, the business behind the breeding of some cats and while there is good in a lot, there is also a lot of bad and sadness ... my kids wanted me to "just start a new business mom" so I can make "more money to save cats" .... lets just say after a few nights of tossing and turning and not being able to get it out of my mind ... Rad Cat Coffe Co. blurted out of my mouth as I laid in bed one morning too lazy to make my pot of coffee while snuggled up with Eller .... 

Times are a bit rough at the moment in that I am actually a full time wedding photographer but unable to shoot weddings for sometime I had to figure out how we could start a new business with just one COVID-19 stimulus check.  We knew with the hard times, we would use that money to not only put it back in the economy but to also use it to generate the purrr-ific mission - sell groovy coffee + support rad cats all over the world! This has been an incredibly rad project to work with our two oldest kids on and explain to them how we are going to raise money to help cats all over the world get to loving homes, get the care they desperately need or be let back in to the wild where our big cat friends belong.  

We are so glad you have found us, read about us and hope you join us to fund cat initiatives all over the world.  To begin, we are partnering with flavor ambassadors (popular online cats who want to help their fur-friends) to style a flavor of coffee after them and donate 10% of their flavor's profits to a feline nonprofit of their choosing!  Stay tuned for future posts introducing out flavor ambassadors and their nonprofit!  As we grow, we will continue to seek ways to give back and support the cat community while sipping our favorite beverage! 

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  • Even though I live in Colorado and have to restrict my caffeine intake, I enjoy it. Your backstory is wonderful, it sounds like you guys have found something and ran with it. Keep your chin up, smile often and enjoy life in your little corner of our world. ☕🌎

    Dorothy L'Anglin

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