Betty and Elller


We started Rad Cat Coffee Co. from our homestead in Salem, Oregon with one COVID-19 stimulus check and a serious need for caffeine.

We knew that in these hard times, we wanted to not only put our money back in the economy, but to also uses it for a purrr-ific mission: sell groovy coffee and support rad cats all over the world.

So, that's what we've set out to do. 


Six years ago, we walked in to our local humane society looking for the purrr-fect feline to join our growing family. That's when we met Eller — sitting still and chill in a cage filled with hyper kittens, and looking like Gandolf the Grey.

He was the one.

Eller's the chillest. He gets along with us, our kids, and even our dogs. He's no talker, but will always let you know when his food dish isn’t full enough. And while he's become the king of our little homestead, taking out large rodents and making sure we all know it, he's got a soft side. Once he hears our screams of dead rodent terror from the bedroom, the satisfied cat enjoys a fair amount of well-deserved affection.

Eller is the perfect cat for our family. So of course it is only right that he become the perfect face of our brand. 

Eller in a window


Our freshly roasted coffee is sourced from all over the globe, bringing you so many groovy flavors to choose from. All beans and blends are specialty grade, and we have a couple of organic options to choose from, too!


Our Flavor Ambassadors, a rag-tag crew of some pretty cool cats (the ones on all our labels), each choose a charity that means something to them.
10% of profits from every purrr-chase goes to the charity of their choice. How rad is that?  Find out more by clicking the button below.