20% of profits for every coffee purchase goes to cat charities of all kinds. Every six months, we introduce a new series of Flavor Ambassadors, who choose which feline-focused non-profit gets the proceeds from their packages.


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Eller the cat, who winks


Eller is the cat who inspired Rad Cat Coffee. He is the purrr-fect cat for us with his laid-back, super chill vibes. He is not needy, and he's not loud, but he loves a seriously aggressive head rub. And if you stop too soon, he’ll let you know. Eller's donating a percentage of his flavors profits to the Willamette Humane Society, where we picked him up as a kitten. 

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Maya the Cat


Sweet, sweet Maya was an obvious choice to feature as a Flavor Ambassador.  Maya is rad in a way that is beyond the word, with a chromosome abnormality and a paralyzed cat sister. Their mission is to spread kindness and acceptance, and she does it with her own Massachusetts-based nonprofit, AllWorthy. They teach kids (and grown-ups, too) what it means to be inclusive! 

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If you’ve ever met a Sphynx, you'll fall in love with them. Frankie's profile photo caught our un-caffinated attention one morning, and after checking him out more we absolutely fell in love with his personality and coolness! Frankie has chosen to donate a percentage of his flavor’s profits to ROAR of Ridgefield who provide animals in need with the same love, care and compassion we all show our own family pets!
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Who can't relate to Fat Cat Hercules, amirite? This unapologetically fat cat is just precious. And he has an incredible journey ahead of him! We are here for it. Hercules has chosen the Toronto Cat Rescue to support with his percentage of sales. The Toronto Cat Rescue's mission in part is to reduce the number of feline companion animals euthanized in the Toronto shelters. Rad. 

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Rhi Rhi

Rhi-Rhi was found and rescued from under a dumpster, but is currently living her best life and wanting to give back to other felines so they can live their best lives too! She's going from bad gal to RAD gal, in hopes of raising funds for her beloved nonprofit Pet Helpers in Charleston, South Carolina. We love how this girl is named after her meowmy's favorite Stevie Nicks song. And she lives up to her bold, sassy, beautiful, and witchy idol purrfectly! 

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Bob was a bright-eyed and curious cat with a side of sweet and bossy. He kept a tight schedule that started off with a morning cardio routine, followed by a long nap and chin rubs, and ending with a nightly neighborhood watch. He was very concerned by the felines with no homes, so he wants to raise money for Salem Friends of Felines whose mission is to place homeless cats into loving homes. Rest in peace, Bob. This one's for you.
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Una is a sweet, adventure loving cat who loves going everywhere with her human. She is very outgoing and enjoys going hiking and camping. Her fam's currently fixing up a 1970’s camper so that we can go on more adventures together. Una has chosen the Orphan Kitten Club to support with her percentage of sales. 
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Dina is a retired show-cat turned internet supermeowdel who loves to split her time between telling the world about her daily antics to reminding people to take care of themselves, their surroundings, and each other. She's also a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community along with her two loving dads, one of whom is a coffee fanatic and very excited about this blend. Now she's excited to help raise money for the Paw Project to help them in their mission to end cat declawing!
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If you haven't met Smush yet, you've got to. She's an inspiration to all — showing you can do whatever you put your mind to. And she's an advocate for human rights and animal rights alike! She even has her own nonprofit, The Smush Foundation, where they educate various animal welfare organizations, specifically those who support open adoptions and TNR, on photography, video and marketing of their adoptable animals for social media.
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